Eric D. Legare

Freelance Animation TD

For all types and styles of projects.

Cloth, muscle, skin, hair and crowd simulations.

For Houdini, Maya, 3dsMax, Nuke and more.

Solving seemingly impossible problems since 2006, I am always keen to learn new techniques and develop artist friendly solutions.

I have collaborated with many teams at several studios around the world including Weta, ILM, DD and Ubisoft. I have experience working on feature films, video games, television and commercial projects. I have been involved in projects such as Avatar, Iron Man 3 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

On The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies I have developed a crowd previsualization tool called Army Manager which was used by animators to previs every crowd shot in the movie and even final a few shots as well, be sure to check out my demo reel to see Army Manager in action and hear Peter Jackson himself say how intuitive it is.

I have rigged every creature from Neil Blomkamp's Oats Studios shorts, including the legendary 5700 joint Zygote creature and the characters for Unity's Adam shorts.

I am fully setup for remote work with a 1Gbps connection, I am a Canadian citizen with a CAVCO number and I am incorporated as Euler RnD inc.

Just contact me at so I can bring my extensive experience to your project.